We provide

Global trade flow data to
support your business decision

Whether you are in the tanker, gas, dry bulk, offshore or container markets or if you are a port operator/authority, bank or hedge-fund, real-time global trade flow information is what you need to make better informed decisions based on actual facts. We enable you to make them

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About us

Bringing the Invisible to Light

Precise Intelligence has developed a comprehensive trade flow platform containing satellite and terrestrial AIS data, the UN supported global ship register, substantial port information as well as several sources of commercial market information on e.g. commodities, market actors, prices and financial information

Precise Intelligence holds an information power within shipping and trade which will meet your needs


Accurate and
precise information

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8 billion vessel positions globally, processed within a super powerful IT environment

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30 million voyages performed by the IMO number fleet since 2009

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5,000 ports / 17,000 terminals / 34,000 berths and offshore installations shown as detailed port information for each voyage

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50,000 fixtures, agents reports and other market information streams annually

Key Features

Get the full story

  • Get data aggregated by product, vessel, location or client
  • Easily generate your daily, monthly and yearly KPIs
  • Get the trends

Be aware of your business environment

  • Know your market share
  • Know your clients’ market share
  • Find trading location profiles by owners, charterers, operators and technical managers
  • Know who the vessels’ owners and operators are
  • Know who the vessels’ charterers are
  • Know who the shippers and the receivers of cargoes are

Key Features

Track the flows

  • Get an accurate ton-on-board, I.E. floating storage, at any location
  • Know which vessels slow-steam and which vessels do not
  • Know the average laden and ballast vessels’ speed

Accurate and
precise information

  • Get an accurate ton-miles at any given time and location
  • Know which ships are empty, loaded, partly loaded, at any location
  • Get a daily update of vessels’ fixtures

Key Features

Live web-based platform

Use the most up-to-date and comprehensive web interface

Aggregate data at any level

Turn data into insights across your business

Key Features

Visualize the flows from upstream to downstream

  • Know the origin of oil flows – What are the detailed volumes from each oil field or installation
  • Know the refineries’ supplies and exports – Monitor volumes in and out from each refinery
  • Know the cargoes’ destinations – Follow the oil to the end consumers
  • Know the monthly flows – Follow the development over time and historically from and to any port, terminal or installation


We go from global to details and from details to global

Watch tanker, bulk, container, tug and pilot assisted port operation videos

Comprehensive market intelligence

Precise Intelligence is a Swiss company providing comprehensive market intelligence to the trading, maritime and financial industry

For more information please call +41 22 715 26 26 or email info@preciseintelligence.com

Head office:
26 rue du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva,
Switzerland, +41 22 715 26 26

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